Everest Academy Athletics Program

Everest Academy has a full-time Physical Education teacher on staff dedicated to our students' health and fitness.

All students from PreK 3 through 8th Grade all participate in P.E. twice a week and engage in a variety of sports, such as, soccer, volleyball, basketball, kickball and so on, so as to teach the rules of each game, terminology, skill development, good sportsmanship and a competitive spirit.

We also implement the Presidential Fitness Test which tests strength, stamina & speed. They are tested in the mile run, the shuttle run, situps, pushups, planks and the chin up hang. Our students are tested three times a year to measure progress.

Our Physical Education teacher has also invited Middle School students (Grades 6 - 8th) to train using a variety of weights to improve muscle strength. All grades participate in heavy conditioning ropes to enhance strength, stamina and muscle growth.


Students in 5th – 8th grade are eligible to participate in the following SSCC sports programs.  A sports physical is required before a student may participate in practice or games. Further information is available on specific programs by contacting our Athletic Director