Pre-K 3 Skills

Catholic Formation 

  • Understand basic attributes of God
  • Develop a simple love for Christ
  • Develop a simple love for Blessed Mother Mary
  • Recognize some Old Testament stories
  • Recognize some New Testament stories
  • Develop a beginning understanding of angels and saints

Language Arts

  • Maintain sustained attention
  • Use appropriate listening skills
  • Dictate and recite simple stories
  • Use appropriate vocabulary
  • Use appropriate oral presentation skills
  • Be able to describe and express personal needs
  • Recount personal experiences
  • Recite alphabet and say sounds
  • Understand basic phonemic awareness concepts
  • Rhyme and rhythm
  • Segment words into sounds
  • Segment sentences into words

Understand Basic Book and Print Concepts

  •  Understand basic directions
  •  Categorize information heard
  •  Give oral response to text
  •  Know simple fairy tales, short stories, fables and legends
  •  Recite simple poems
  •  State characters and events of simple stories
  •  Develop fine motor skills
  •  Generate and dictate stories orally
  •  Ask questions and know purpose of library


  •  Understand simple story problems
  •  Order numbers 1-5
  •  Estimate using the terms small, large, little and lot
  •  Use pictures and objects to model problems
  •  Count, read and write 1-10
  • Count 1-30 orally
  • Compare quantities up to 5
  • Recognize simple sets
  • Estimate sets up to 5 objects
  • Use terms put together and take away
  • Add and subtract numbers up to 5
  • Use simple computation strategies
  • Use simple measurement strategies
  • Understand cold, warm and hot
  • Recognize and identify value of penny and dollar bill
  • Understand basic terms related to time
  • Understand basic calendar concepts
  • Understand basic terms of orientation
  • Identify and use simple figures and solids
  • Identify patterns by color, size and shape
  • Use simple data analysis and probability concepts


  • Understand basic concepts of the scientific process
  • Understand basic scientific thinking skills
  • Develop simple scientific habits
  • Use simple scientific tools
  • Know basics of earth and space science
  • Know basics of life science


  • Understand broad categories of time
  • Reconstruct the past
  • Identify historical figures
  • Know national holidays
  • Acquire information from historical source
  • Describe the past orally

Physical Education

  • Understand basic physical activity concepts
  • Participate in physical activities
  • Understand movement concepts and principles
  • Develop gross motor skills
  • Develop small motor skills
  • Develop team building skills
  • Understand physical activity provides enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction

Year in Review! 2021-2022

Pre-K 3 - Year in Review - '21-'22

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