Fine Arts

The Fine Arts program at Everest helps students understand the process and elements involved in artistic and creative expressions; enrich the students’ aesthetic and spiritual sensitivity, and foster an appreciation of the fine arts as part of a balanced formation. Since these activities are regarded as valuable to the educational program, Everest Academy encourages participation as a complement to academic life.


Everest Academy offers an enriching Art program three times weekly. The Art program is intended to challenge and nurture students no matter what their art experience may be, from those interested as beginners to those dedicated to becoming accomplished professionals.  It prepares and motivates the emerging artist.

There is a variety of diverse methods to develop one’s talents and interests using both traditional approaches as well as new technologies in art:

  • drawing
  • painting (oil, water-based)
  • ceramics & clay
  • printmaking
  • two-dimensional & three-dimensional art
  • mosaics
  • fabric design
  • graphic design
  • paper sculpture

Students develop conceptual as well as technical skills as they explore, tone, line, form and make composition. Students are led to develop their knowledge using the elements and principles of art. They are encouraged to explore, be creative and develop their own personal style and understanding of art as a means of expression and communication. Students develop portfolios. Overall classes are developed at appropriate levels.


The art of Choir allows for the students to perform in a musical ensemble. Learning pieces specifically written for chorus students are led by a class conductor.  Students learn the basics of vocal production within a choral ensemble and are taught to sing harmony. Students explore singing with instruments as well as a cappella. The use of accompanying instruments in classes varies from the use of one instrument (the piano) or violin. Classes are performance-based with many opportunities to perform in the community, at school Masses, and presentations at school functions. The students increase their musicianship and confidence.


The development of musicians is taken very seriously. To that end, the music program encompasses both tradition and technology. Young musicians are cultivated and introduced to superb musicians, world-renowned composers, performers, and conductors. Students take classes, play, rehearse, and perform. student musicians learn instrument choices and instrumental music. They practice, rehearse and perform together.


Lion King Jr.

The drama program provides students the opportunity to participate in a professional-level offering of musical theater, acting, and technical production. In addition, students develop public speaking skills, stage presence, and overall self-confidence. The students come to know and appreciate the discipline of drama.

Student experience can range from those who have never taken drama before to those who are more experienced. Students begin with the basics of acting, improvisation, stage movement, and theater terms; they gain an understanding of acting and presentation skills while increasing their ability to add depth to the characters they explore within the class. A theater production is held annually.


Another beautiful art form available to students is dance. Students are led to explore dance as a form of expression, social interaction and as a performance-based expression for audiences. Students are introduced to forms of ballet, jazz, tap, folk, ballroom, cultural and step dances. Students have the opportunity to learn about the art of creating dances, choreography.