Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation will guide your child to recognize the work of God in his life and encourage a close and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

This formation occurs in a spiritual environment that encourages the life of grace through daily prayer and practice of virtues, opportunities for sacraments, and theology classes that study the fullness of Catholic faith in all its richness.

Liturgical Events and Activities 

Eucharistic Celebrations

First-Friday Masses

Daily Prayer

Eucharistic Hour

Living Rosary/Our Lady of the Rosary

Crowning of Mary

Christmas Pageant

Pope’s Day

All Saints Day Celebration

Living Stations of the Cross

Annual Pilgrimage to a Marian Shrine

Spiritual Activities  

Apostolic Service Projects

Student Retreats


Catholic Formation Class

Saint program

School Mystique

Spiritual Campaigns

Formation Dialogue

Virtue Program

Knights of the Altar

The Knights of the Altar program is a boys club that serves at Catholic liturgical functions especially Mass and adoration. Along with the fun activities and comradery, they receive training and formation to understand how to serve God and to be noble young men in their communities. This is summarized in the motto “Adducatus et Ministratio” : Leadership and Service. Even at a young age, each boy seeks fulfillment in his Christian vocation drawing closer to Christ and giving witness to his faith through the practice of virtue.

  • Reverence for God, especially in the liturgy. 
  • Respect for others. 
  • Honor, in being called to serve God.
  • Charity towards all, especially the needy.
  • Purity of heart, mind and body. 
  • True Christian leadership, especially through the positive example they give to their peers.

Through this program, we wish to help your son mature spiritually, forming his character, and preparing him to accept generously God’s plan for his life.