Academic Competitions

Everest Academy students participate in academic competitions throughout the year, including:

Local and State Science Fair

Scripps Spelling Bee

Catechism Contest

Poetry Competition

National Geographic Geography Bee

Lemont Loves the Arts

Academic competitions and contests serve as a positive form of motivation that generates a healthy spirit of collaboration, competition, respect, and enthusiasm. These provide the students with opportunities to present themselves in a public forum in a formal and dignified manner.

Competitions are held on a regular basis and the students, independently or in teams, collaborate and learn from one another. Contests are competitions are an excellent means of reinforcing acquisition of knowledge. Students are challenged to grow in their intellectual capacities to develop and exercise academic
and cultural talents, skills and abilities, and confidence and poise. They are rewarded by a sense of accomplishment and self-improvement.

Students are reinforced in ethical practice, personal presentation (posture, facial expression, walking pace, hand position, overall composure), confidence, communication skills (clear loud voice, articulate answer), thinking and responding under pressure in a competitive environment (parents in audience, team pressure), and team skills (patience, appropriate reactions to winning and losing).