Everest Academy students participate in Spanish classes three times per week. Learning a second language is an important part of the curriculum since studies show that the learning of a second language enhances academic performance in all areas.

The study of Spanish provides every student with the opportunity to develop language skills and an appreciation for another culture. Student learning is enriched because connections are made to other subject areas such as math, technology, and history.

The curriculum is divided into four major areas of language use: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The standards and benchmarks represent what we expect children to be able to achieve at various levels from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. With the acquisition of a second language, benchmarks are to be achieved by certain grade levels and, although reviewed in later grades, they are not re-taught every year. Teachers use the students’ knowledge and experience at each grade level and prepare them to be able to meet the next higher grade level benchmarks.

Speaking in Spanish with each student at all times fosters success at the Pre-Kindergarten level through the middle school grades.  Teachers teach with high, but achievable expectations and help students who have been taught the Prek-8 NCE Spanish Curriculum without interruption through all grades levels achieve a proficient level of the Spanish language by the end of 8th grade.