RC Education

Regnum Christi is an apostolic movement of apostolate within the Catholic Church comprised of Legionary and diocesan priests, seminarians, consecrated men and women, and lay people throughout the world who serve the evangelizing mission of the Church. Its mission is to promote the integral formation of apostles, inspiring them to fully live their vocation as Christian leaders within their social environment. A Regnum Christi school accepts and seeks to carry out this same mission. 

The mission of the Regnum Christi school is the formation of Christian leaders who will transform society. A Regnum Christi school is a Christ-centered educational community of excellence, focused on the integral formation of its students, offering an experience of joy that comes from encountering Christ and becoming apostles eager to exercise their Christian leadership with a spirit of mission, helping the Church build Christ’s Kingdom, impact culture and transform society. 

RC Education provides the leadership, support and services that enable RC schools to carry out their mission of forming the next generation of Christian Leaders.