Middle School

Our educational method delivers outstanding academic results along with the essential qualities that prepare our students for higher learning.

Academic Growth: A Solid Foundation for Higher Learning

Performing beyond grade level in Math, English and Spanish

A wealth of knowledge and superior critical thinking and reasoning skills

The ability to speak and write precisely and persuasively

Appreciation of fine arts

Understanding of the Catholic Faith, sacraments, traditions and prayer

A capacity for reflection and imagination

Leadership Skills:  The Essential Qualities Beyond Academics

A strong moral compass, personal integrity and sense of social responsibility

Experience and ease in public speaking and debate

Fair and sound judgment that discerns right from wrong

Self-motivation and diligence in organization and study habits

Good manners and appreciation of social etiquette

Kindness, consideration and respect practiced in daily life


Confirmation preparation in Eighth Grade

Academic competitions including: science fair, catechism, poetry recital, spelling, geography and math bees

Fine Arts Competitions

Curriculum Content

Advanced Math including Algebra I

Catholic Faith

Character Coaching

Creative & Analytical Writing

Fine Arts


Instrumental Music

Life, Earth & Physical Science

Literature & Poetry


Physical Education




Virtue Development

World & American History