Christmas Miracle

Apostolic Formation is generosity of self to Christ. Apostolic formation at Everest brings Intellectual, Human and Spiritual formation into harmony by providing the opportunity to discern Christ’s call for your child’s life, embrace that call and to bring others to know Him as well.


The Christmas Miracle 2017 will create positive memories for so many.


The peace of mind for our neighbors who will receive much needed clothing and winter coats;

The unity within our community when over 100 volunteers work together to make a difference;

The empowerment of new learning tools and experiences in the hands and minds of children.

Imagine how'd you feel knowing you helped someone else see that they matter.

Come make bigger dreams possible.

A solid foundation of self-worth is so important, especially for the children who grow up in families where economic hardship is a grim reality. Hope is often elusive as they quietly endure the struggle. There are over 500 people facing this in our local community. Lets help them dream bigger and build a better future by giving them a great party where we share over 5,000 items they desperately need.


Event Details

We will be hosting a celebration on Dec. 10th where our invited guests will enjoy good food, fun times, and receive many

of the items they need. The event will be hosted at

Everest Academy,

11550 Bell Road, Lemont.

To help us, contact [email protected]

2017 Christmas Miracle Flyer

Click here to support the 2017 Christmas Miracle with your donation.


I choose to be...

A Volunteer

Help as an individual or build a team of volunteers. Don't forget to bring age appropriate children to help out and participate in making a difference.

A Donor

People need a lot of stuff. Please donate new and used goods from our list. If you can, organize your workplace as a collection point for your co-workers.

A Benefactor

Money provides the necessary push to deliver what is needed. 100% of all donations go directly to the cause.

Contact The Everest Outreach Team at [email protected]!