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Volunteer Safe Enviroment Compliance
Forms and Instructions


This form must be submitted annually prior to beginning volunteer service.   A copy of the completed form is kept on site and the original is sent to DCFS in Springfield.  Click HERE to download a copy of the CANTS form.


2018 Code of Conduct Form

All volunteers must read and sign this new version prior to beginning service. A copy of the completed form is kept on site.  Click HERE to download a copy of the 2018 Code of Conduct form.


As of July 2018, eApps online criminal background checks are now combined with the Virtus Training and Registration for volunteers.


Virtus/Protecting God's Children Training Session 

Attend a 3-hour training session within 60 days of beginning service. Monthly bulletins are required to maintain an active Virtus account.  No one under 18yrs. of age permitted at training.  All participants must pre-register online. A copy of the certificate of attendance is kept on site.  You may attend as session in the Archdiocese of Chicago or the Diocese of Joliet.  View the locations & hours at either of these links: 

Sessions in the Archdiocese of Chicago

Sessions in the Diocese of Joliet


Mandated Reporter Training 

All volunteer coaches must complete this training prior to beginning volunteer service.  A copy of the certificate of completion is kept on site.  Persons planning to take the online training need to be prepared to spend at least 60 minutes to complete the training (you cannot exit and return).  The computer used for the training must be connected to a printer that will print the certificate at the completion of the training (you cannot exit and return). (ONLY computer-generated certificates will be accepted.)  The computer used for the training must be equipped with speakers or headsets to allow you to hear the audio.   Click HERE to download a copy of the Online Mandated Reporter Training Instructions  Click HERE to begin the mandated reporter online training.

Minors Serving as Volunteers

There is a growing public awareness that the safety of minors is a top priority for organizations and institutions that educate and support them. The Church through its local parishes is one of those institutions. As such, it is important that the volunteers who work with our children are a good fit to minister in those positions. This form is available to be filled out by all minors, but must be filled out by High School youth.

2018-2019 Health Care Information & Forms

Click on each of the links below to download a copy of the current documents and forms:

State of Illinois Health Requirements Overview for 2018-2019

This above link to the overview for 2018-2019 document includes:

  • Grid of General Health Requirements By Grade
  • Sports Health Requirements
  • New Requirements from the Illinois Department of Health


State of Illinois Minimum Immunization Requirements Fall 2018


State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination Form

(NOTE: Failure to comply with the State of Illinois regulations regarding the child health exam and immunizations by October 15 will result in exclusion from school.)


State of Illinois Proof of School Dental Examination Form


State of Illinois Eye Examination Report Form


Illinois Food Allergy Emergency Action Plan & Treatment Authorization Form

(For students with known food allergies.)


Student Medical Authorization Form

(Required when a student needs to take prescription and non-prescription medication to be taken at school.)


IESA Sports Physical Form | Pre-participation Exam Form

(Required prior each student athlete's first sports tryout.  Good for 395 days from the date of the exam. May not expire during a sports season.)