Parent Resources

Parent Partnership

Parents are the primary and principal educators of their children; that is, the parents’ role is of paramount importance in the process and progress of the student’s integral formation. parent involvement is essential for their participation and support.  The home is the all-important setting where the student’s non-scholastic life is lived, where his/her character and behavior are formed significantly.  Educators seek to assist parents in this delicate task of educating and forming their children. As the primary educators of their children, parents have made a free choice for the Catholic education and integral formation of their children. Becoming part of the school community necessitates the commitment and support to the mission of a high school implementing Integral Formation®.  The requisite of a cooperative and supportive relationship with the parents is vital and an essential component of success in the education of the student.

The effective implementation of Integral Formation® requires the unified partnership and collaboration that exists within the school to also exist between the school and the family. The school is an extension of the home and, therefore, works in support of the home. If there is a contradiction between the teachings and values presented at school and those presented at home, students will be internally divided in their allegiance. This contradiction causes regression, confusion, and is counterproductive. The school and family need to support each other in order to foster harmony between the two.


Greater family involvement also provides more opportunities for open and consistent communication between parents and the school. This leads to the teachers, integration and directive team members having a better understanding of each student. The high school keeps parents regularly updated on student progress and asks families to work with them to support educational tasks and goals. Excellent results are only possible through the involvement of and communication with parents. Communication with the parents is ongoing through various means: email, newsletters, telephone calls, online school information, websites, meetings,  Parent-Teacher conferences.

Parent Volunteer Involvement

Parent organizations allow for parental participation and support of the school. These are intended to meet the needs of parents, students, administration, faculty and staff. Some forms of parent groups include:

  • Parent prayer group
  • Room mothers
  • Parent Association
  • Athletic Association-Booster Clubs
  • Benefit Auction Committee
  • Golf Outing Committee
  • Marketing Team

All are active, vibrant organizations in the high school intended to support the school community and contribute to the overall enrichment and partnership between the school and the parents in the integral formation of the students.