School Life

Virtue Program

The main objective of Everest Academy’s virtue program is to offer students, teachers, and parents a means to know, value, practice, and internalize virtues in a consistent and committed manner. The focus is on the practice and acquisition of specific virtues. Virtue is a habitual and firm disposition to do the right thing. It allows the person not only to perform good acts, but to give the best of oneself.

Students in Everest Academy are provided ongoing opportunities to exercise virtue on a daily basis. Virtue is taught and encouraged in all activities and circumstances of school life. The goal is to help students intellectually understand and internalize the virtues they are asked to practice. This serves to make these virtues part of their own life principles, helping them become true leaders of character. For this reason, Everest Academy considers formation in virtue to be a vital component of the educational program.


Virtue Campaigns

Throughout the year Everest Academy carries out a series of virtue campaigns aimed at helping students practice spiritual and human virtues. Campaigns help create school spirit and unity in understanding, living, and internalizing virtue. The basics of a campaign include: defining a virtue, providing opportunities to practice the virtue in everyday situations, and reinforcing these with motivating activities outlined in the campaign. Parents are encouraged to review all campaign materials sent home by the school and to actively participate in them with the recommended “at-home” activities.