Everest Pre-Kindergarten Program





Pre-Kindergarten 3: For children who turn 3 by September 1st.

   3-Day Program: Tuesday – Thursday from 8:00-noon.

   5-Day Program: Monday – Friday from 8:00-noon.


Pre-Kindergarten 4: For children who turn 4 by September 1st.

   Monday – Friday from 8:00-3:00 PM.



Our goal is to teach the whole child by providing a nurturing, secure environment in which learning can take place. In the Pre-Kindergarten program, we seek to educate the mind, the heart, and the will. We recognize that each child is made in the image and likeness of God, so our teachers focus on giving personal attention to each child by using developmentally appropriate methods and implementing high academic standards.

Our Pre-Kindergarten programs provide structure, an academic foundation, an introduction to the Catholic faith, and leadership opportunities. Children learn to lead through opportunities such as taking part in the Christmas program, being the "apostle of the day," participating in show and tell and poetry recitation, and serving as line leaders-- simple tasks that can greatly help young children to develop self-confidence.

These early learning years are important as a time when good habits are developed and character formation begins. Our students are taught the values of faith, virtue, self-control, generosity, respect, and service to others, as a complement to a strong academic curriculum.

All of our classes are taught by qualified teachers. Each class has a lead teacher and a full-time assistant. Small class sizes of 15 students in Pre-Kindergarten enable teachers to provide personalized education for each child. A personal formation program is prepared for each child by the teachers with the assistance of parents. The personal formation program includes objectives for academic, spiritual, apostolic and character formation.

The following information provides examples of a day in Pre-Kindergarten followed by an overview of the skills attained and mastered in our Pre-Kindergarten (3 and 4 year-old) programs. Finally, there is an overview of programs to help families experience Everest Academy as a community.



Sample Pre-Kindergarten Schedule:

8:00-8:05 Morning Prayer

8:05-8:30 Circle Time

8:30-10:00 Students work in learning centers

10:00-10:30 Snack time

10:30-11:00 Recess

11:00-11:30 Spanish

11:30–11:50 Show and Tell

11:50–12:00 Announcements, dismissal of the half day students

12:00–3:00 Lunch, recess, nap time and reinforcement activities

Each day begins with prayer. Students are then gathered into circle time to receive large group instruction through whole group interaction. Next, they move into small groups and work in learning centers either independently or with a teacher. Students are then given a snack and go outside to play. Students receive Spanish instruction twice weekly from a qualified Spanish teacher. There is also an opportunity for show and tell.

All our Pre-Kindergarten students learn the following subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Geography, Catholic Formation, Spanish, and Physical Education.