Apostolic Formation

The word apostle means “one who is sent” to transmit or accomplish something. The apostle is entrusted to fulfill a task while acting in the name of someone else… in this case, the name of God. An apostle is someone God has chosen to bring His message of love and truth to humanity. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations (MT28:16).   An apostle is one who loves Christ and others and who has an apostolic heart—a heart that is sensitive and responsive to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of others.  Apostolic Formation is forming apostles, the cultivation of Christian leaders with apostolic hearts filled with love and compassion for others, sensitive to their spiritual and material needs. Aware of their social responsibility, they are committed to bringing others to Christ through apostolic service. Students are compelled by the love of Christ to bring his love to others, to be the light of Christ in the world. 


The Apostolic Formation Program 

The Apostolic Formation Program is part of the education program of the school. It is the plan, organization, practices, and implementation of activities for the apostolic formation of the student. It  is comprised of planned classes and activities during a Catholic Formation period, directives during assemblies, apostolic service work/projects in and out of school, as well as the planning and preparation of these projects. During apostolic formation classes, the students learn proper methodology by planning and executing apostolic service projects: how to work effectively, how to work person-to-person, how to work in teams, how to multiply efforts through delegation, planning, and how to work according to a program and calendar along with the virtue of flexibility. Students develop leadership skills and make a personal difference in the lives of others through their active exercise of Gospel values, the works of mercy and the Beatitudes, bringing the light and truth of Christ to others in their home, school, community and the world at large through apostolic service projects and initiatives.