Education Program

Character Formation:

Character formation pertains to the psychological, social, and physiological aspects of the person. It involves learning to live one’s life in ways that most dignify human nature. This involves the formation of a disciplined will; learning to be master of oneself; acquiring virtue; the development of the conscience; and adherence to moral principles and values.

Character formation cultivates a person’s sensibility to what is good, just, and beautiful, recognizing the harmony of creation in relation to man, nature, and society. It also includes social etiquette - that is, an appreciation for the arts and physical fitness - resulting in a healthy mind and body.

Everest Academy seeks to develop men and women who are not only academically well-qualified, but also able to conduct their lives according to solid ethical standards: respectability, nobleness, honesty. Students are taught to appreciate  the values of justice, fairness, truthfulness, responsibility, nobility of heart, and mutual respect,  as well as other principles that lend added perfection to the individual’s human stature—good manners, sensitivity to others, etiquette, social grace, understanding, courtesy, kindness, generosity, etc.  Students learn what it means to live in a manner consistent with one’s ideals.