About Everest

Everest Academy's Mission and Philosophy

The mission of Everest Academy is to provide the highest quality education to our students and contribute to their integral (intellectual, human, spiritual and apostolic) formation as Catholic Christian leaders. Everest students should be young people of integrity and character who command a knowledge of their faith, the humanities, and the sciences. Students should display a critical discernment and possess a disposition toward service.

Everest Academy seeks:

To Teach the mind by providing a superior academic education that develops the child's intellectual growth and emphasizes truth proclaimed as the foundation of knowledge and learning.

To Educate the heart to love Jesus Christ and to develop a sense of what is good, right, noble, just, and beautiful.

To Form the character of each student into an individual who puts truth and values into action.

Our mission is reflected in the motto: Semper Altius, “Always Higher.”